Ice Vs. Heat


We see this all of the time! NO HEAT ON NEW BOO BOOS! This is a BIG MISTAKE we see weekly. If you have just injured yourself, heat seems calming and soothing BUT it is not your friend, ice is! When you injure yourself your body goes into an inflammatory response. Usually the body goes overboard with this (i.e. too much swelling). Heat actually makes things worse by bringing more blood to the injured area. So remember ICE IS NICE, not heat! Also, make sure there is a barrier between your skin and the ice. A wash cloth will do the trick! The pros know that you only apply the ice until the area feels cold, usually no more than 10 minutes! Follow the 10 minutes on – 10 minutes off rule. Good luck and happy healing!


So, we’ve heard a lot about the confusion between heat and ice. Remember the general rule is heat for chronic injuries and ice for new ones. HOWEVER, if you have an old injury flare up – ice! 10 minutes on – 10 minutes off. It’s worth noting that flushing an injury can also be a great idea, but it’s not appropriate for new injuries less than 1 week old. Flushing is when you apply heat then ice after with the 10 on 10 off schedule.

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