The Benefits of Stretching

We here at Grimsby Massage are all about the stretching! It just takes 10 minutes out of your day to feel so much better!

For most people, the best stretching routine involves static stretching which is slow sustained stretching that holds a muscle in a lengthened position. The muscles should be stretched to the point of slight discomfort and held for about 15-30 seconds. Stretching should be done after warming up to increase the range of motion most effectively.


1. Improved physical performance: A flexible joint has the ability to move through a greater range of motion, which improves performance.

2. Decreased risk of injury: Stretching decreases resistance in various soft tissues so there is less likelihood of exceeding maximum tissue extensibility during an activity.

3. Reduced muscle soreness: Stretching can reduce some of the muscle soreness that results after exercise.

4. Improved posture: Poor posture results from improper position of various parts of the body and the effects of gravity over a number of years. Stretching can help realign soft tissues to improve and maintain good posture.


Start making this a part of your every day routine and we guarantee your body will thank you!

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